Why hire Scent Smart services for your workplace?

Return on Investment ROIReason #1

Employers have a huge interest in directing resources to resolving the causes of absenteeism in the workplace. The majority of significant and persisting absenteeism issues experienced in the workplace are rooted in disability issues, whether physical, or psychological*.

*Source:  The Duty to Accommodate & Disability Management by Barbara Humphrey ©2013 Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd.

There are many areas where employers experience losses when a problem like scent-sensitivities is not adequately addressed. See the Dollars and $cents page.

Reason #2

law-imageDemonstrating goodwill and accommodation to your scent-sensitive employees. Just by booking Scent Smart services, you’re demonstrating that you’re taking this issue seriously. It’s one example of “duty to accommodate” in action.

Reason #3

Liz Rice explaining EWGThere’s no substitute for education coming from someone who’s navigated the workplace with scent-sensitivities. Liz Rice has the expertise and understands:

  • your position as the employer/HR function/mediator;
  • how the law regards your obligations;
  • how it feels to be sick or disabled with scent-sensitivities; and,
  • what it’s like getting along with co-workers or clients who don’t understand.

The “No Scents Makes Sense” – Presentation

At the heart of Scent Smart’s services is the “No Scents Makes Sense” presentation. The style of delivery is up to you:  workshop (with props), mandatory training, or Lunch & Learn.

Here’s a general description of the presentation:

No Scents Makes Sense – The health benefits of a scent-free workplace explained.

Scent Smart_audience photoThe majority of ‘beautifully’ scented products are actually cocktails of chemicals. Some ingredients you won’t even find on the label due to trade secret laws.  One of the reasons that studies show that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air is because of fragrant products and off-gassing. Each person’s body has unique toxic load tolerances (which of course we’re unaware of) and once that threshold is reached, dis-ease can happen and our body reacts negatively. After this presentation you’ll see scented products in a whole different way!

The aim of “No Scents Makes Sense” is provide the information that people need to understand that individuals with Environmental Sensitivities are truly suffering. It is only with this understanding that you can develop empathy for your co-worker suffering from scent-sensitivities.

The content of the presentation can include these topics:

  • Why are some people sensitive, while other people don’t even notice?
  • Ingredients in scented products; what are people reacting to?
  • Why our sense of smell is a sensitive topic – from an evolutionary and social point of view.
  • How to talk to your co-workers if you are in fragrance-conflict.
  • How scent-sensitivity issues are handled in your workplace.

Pricing considerations:

1)     The type of presentation.  Is it a ’Lunch & Learn’ presentation, a workshop/demo-style, or mandatory training?
2)     Duration (1 hour, half a day, etc.) and audience size.
3)     Travel & accommodation expenses are additional (for locations outside of Toronto, Ontario).

For a one hour Lunch & Learn presentation in Toronto, with 25 participants or less, the charge is $400+HST.

For a customized (training) session in Toronto, the charge starts at $500+HST.

There is no standard rate for the other services mentioned above. Please inquire: bookings@scent-smart.ca


Pricing: $195 + HST*/hour (Cdn $)


Want to have your workplace go scent-free/fragrance-free but don’t know where to start? Scent Smart can walk you through the process, from creating the policy document that’s right for your workplace to getting you the signage that you’ll need to remind staff and visitors.

Thinking of remodeling your workplace and want to choose products that will be safer and avoid dangerous off-gassing?  Liz will assess your needs and then refer you to Scent-Smart’s green reno experts and the companies that ship products to your area.