Liz Rice_Mulitple Chemical Sensitivites


Liz Rice, B.A.Sc.

Liz Rice is an Enviro-Health Speaker & Consultant specializing in the interaction between the environment and human health in regard to toxins.

Her passion for the issue of fragrances in the workplace originated from having developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) in the workplace. In 2003, a new employee walked by her workstation and triggered a lung reaction with his cologne. For the next 7 years she navigated the corporate work world, requiring accommodation for an environmental disability that was quite uncommon. At the time, awareness of Environmental Sensitivities (aka environmental “allergies”) was low.

Today, while scent-free policies are much more prevalent, the condition is still poorly understood, making accommodation particularly challenging for scent-sensitive employees. With her “No Scents Makes Sense” training, Liz goes further than just bringing awareness to their challenges. Using a combination of analogies + her personal story, she clears the air by eliciting the empathy needed for employees to adhere to scent-free policies, making this difficult accommodation issue easier for all.

Since 2010, Liz Rice has been an Eco Re-Source in the Toronto area, taking the message of enviro-health mainstream via: speaking engagements, TV, newspapers, and blogging.

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