My story of becoming scentsitive –

Liz Rice speaking about developing fragrance allergies (aka MCS) at work.

Well my bio does a pretty good job of explaining why I feel so strongly about scent-free workplaces – it’s because I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) – suddenly and at work.  MCS is also known as “fragrance allergies” and the key to getting better is to go scent-free — you can imagine how difficult that is in the average, open-concept workplace.

If you want to hear my story (instead of read it) check out the 2 TV interviews that I did on the topic, in celebration of October being Healthy Workplace Month – click here and then look at the top, left-hand side.

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Liz Rice is an expert on how to minimize our exposure to the toxins in our daily lives. She specializes on the issue of fragrances in the workplace - helping employers & employees navigate this very scents-itive issue.

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