Ministry of Labour’s Changing Workplaces Review

The changing workforce includes a growing number of employees with disabilities and complicated health conditions. The purpose of my submission is to draw your attention to the issue of workplace bullying, intimidation, violence, and harassment vis-à-vis an employee’s (disabling) health condition. The focus of my submission is on an Environmental Illness named Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

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How I developed MCS (scent allergy)

My story of becoming scentsitive -

Well my bio does a pretty good job of explaining why I feel so strongly about scent-free workplaces - it's because I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) - suddenly and at work. MCS is also known as "fragrance allergies" and the key to getting better is to go scent-free -- you can imagine how difficult that is in the average, open-concept workplace.

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The Seduction of Scents

Smell is our most primal Sense -

When I’m delivering my standard 45 minute “No Sense Makes Sense” presentation, I start off taking about the role of marketing & advertising in making us feel that we need to be very perfumed to be considered clean/sexy/desirable.

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